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Chilantic Frying Clams
(Clam Strips, Clam Slams & Grand Slams)

Our frying clams are produced with the eastern surf clam and are inspected, sliced, graded, battered and breaded right here from our facility. The clam strips are then frozen and sealed in plastic pouches. Our unique preparation brings out the sweet clam flavor without being masked by the breading. We offer a regular sized strip and a wider sized strip and can provide just about any pack size upon request.

Availability: All Year

CASE PACK: (multiple pack sizes available)
CASE GROSS WEIGHT: (varies upon pack size)
CASE DIMENSIONS: 16 x 10 x 4 or 16 x 10 x 6
CASE CUBE: .37 or .56
  • Convenient Ordering
  • Arrive Frozen
  • Easy Storage
  • Availability
  • All Natural
  • Easy Preparation
  • Labor Saving
  • Extended Shelf Life
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