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Chilantic Chopped Sea Clams

Our clams are produced from the eastern surf clam, a type of clam noted for its excellent flavor and tenderness. These clams are inspected, chopped, washed several times and packaged in plastic bags with our very own natural clam-flavored broth. The clams are then blast frozen within 3 hours of startup at our distribution facility. Completely free from shell, starfish, sponges and other foreign material occasionally found in most other packs, this clean and pleasant taste invites another purchase and stands out from other brands, guaranteed. Since every bag is manually weighed and packed, we control the meat and broth ratios so they stay consistently uniform case after case, year after year. Thanks to the best sand removal system in the clam processing industry, Chilantic clams are the cleanest available in the world and are perfect for clam chowder, clam fritters and beyond. With years of clam experience, we have the ability to meet your exact specifications and demands. (Product of U.S.A. Retail Pack available).

Availability: All Year

CASE PACK: 4 x 5 lb. Bags / 12 x 1 lb. Cups/Tubs (Retail Pack)
20 lbs. / 12 lbs.
CASE GROSS WEIGHT: 20.8 lbs. / 14.5 lbs.
x 15 x 3.5 (in inches)
INGREDIENTS: Clams, Clam Broth
  • 20 lbs./case or 12 lbs./case
  • Convenient Ordering
  • Arrive Frozen
  • Easy Storage
  • Availability
  • Easy Defrosting
  • Clean Product
  • All Natural
  • Easy Preparation
  • Extended Shelf Life
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